So it pressure appear to escalates on the pressure to own users to alter to help you a unique gender phrase completely

So it pressure appear to escalates on the pressure to own users to alter to help you a unique gender phrase completely

  • The guy encourages “healing” training you to definitely stress individual failings and act as a continuous form out-of coercive control. This is certainly similar to the procedure for a great many other cults, like Scientology’s infamous auditing sessions. Former TFU professionals report being required to carry out recovery sessions one past as much as 1 day. These lessons as well as a frequent habit called the “reflect take action” are made to remain members inside the a consistant state out-of turbulence and you can traumatization, excavating individual stress and you can conditions that may or may not feel genuine, all-in purchase to maintain a state off drama and extra reliance and you may reliance on brand new guidance regarding Ayan, the fresh coaches, or other members of the group. Depending on the docuseries, Ayan presents members’ personal troubles once the signs out-of exactly how broken and you will broken he is since seksikГ¤s ItГ¤ -Euroopan tytГ¶t the individuals.
  • He organizes relationship and you may marriage ceremonies during the class, fundamentally buying certain players to obtain to each other by virtue of advising them that they are you to another’s twin flame. The complete idea of an excellent “twin flames” would be the fact it’s unique and you may long lasting, plus the whole cause for Ayan’s so-called spiritual vitality is the fact he or she is alone that will choose someone’s book permanent cosmically ordained dual flame. Yet numerous participants was initially told one to the dual fire is actually anyone, in order to enjoys Jeff alter his head and you will assign all of them an effective different twin flame, tend to following earliest individual provides remaining the group.
  • The guy challenges participants to pay much more about cash in new program, either of the “progressing right up” becoming a more main part of the providers, or by buying a separate device provided by the team. While he and you may Shaleia bragged from the riding Porsches, located in a residence, and you may wearing designer fashion, they advised members to shell out several thousand dollars to shop for classification materials and training sessions. One previous TFU member account paying $20,000 in order to end up being an official TFU coach.

Additionally, it, definitely, try an extreme particular coercive handle, therefore cannot be exaggerated that the modes away from coercion from inside the this group have absolutely nothing to do with genuine trans identity

In a single aspect, The new Dual Fire World neighborhood goes much beyond regular cults might: Ayan claims that one professionals are either “spiritually male” otherwise “spiritually female,” and that they need to take on and you can show their genuine gender.

Actually, one previous person in TFU who’s trans left the team due to the fact she spotted because of Ayan’s attempts to coerce players for the artificially changing its gender words. An alternative former associate called Angie located by herself very first are pressured in order to accept that she try “spiritually male” and to dress and magnificence herself just like the much more butch. Shortly after development a good crush to the another woman from the group, that it escalated on pressure to call home and present as the men, including changing their term. Angie in the end broke and you may kept the team, resuming lifestyle while the a good cisgender woman.

While the Ayan rejects the existence of homosexuality and you can nonbinary identity, so it secret makes it much simpler to have your to more effectively strategy dating anywhere between members of town, much of just who try women

Probably one of the most heartwrenching stories recounted in Leaking out Twin Fire questions a young woman named Marlee which registered the team at age 19, simply to find out of the Ayan you to definitely their own dual flame is actually a haphazard stranger who’d messaged their own towards Twitter. The person turned into 11 ages older than Marlee, without employment, major mental health difficulties, and you will a criminal record. However, Ayan coerced Marlee for the transferring to a different sort of state in check become which have your, even though in her terms, “I didn’t like this people; he had been scary.” In one single video clips at the beginning of the matchmaking, a sobbing e has, clearly distraught. “Everyone has products,” a very unbothered Ayan informs their. “You should think about this while the prequel into the partnership.” Just after life style in this way for a few years, Marlee eventually ends you to “the one who I imagined are my personal twin fire was just specific haphazard people I found myself obligated to become having.”

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